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What triggered the idea.

Showtime on a stage or concert could only be seen in theaters.
"It would be interesting if I could reproduce that right in front of your eyes."

7 years ago the sketch began, embracing that thought.
The first thing that was drawn was a 45cm-square glass case (a space where 1 person can stand). From the past MASARU OZAKI always enjoyed looking at, or hand making a miniature world, or diorama which was a real world gathered in a small space, so it started when he wondered if he could create a show stage inside a glass case.

He imagined that it would be a world that is free of expression, and a space pleasant to watch.
A simple glass showcase which can change scenes freely with lighting production, or image projection, etc., and with a instructional description display, and also possible to reproduce 3D projection mapping that goes with produced music.

At that time, after much experimentation, the structure was nearly complete, but MASARU OZAKI didn’t have the opportunity to make it into actual shape.
After 6 years from drawing the sketch, last year (in 2013), the creation begun.

What triggered the idea.

It all starts here.

6 months from creation.
Through a trial and error process, the first "optiglow™ case" was completed.
Of course making the "optiglow™ case" wasn’t the goal. This was only the beginning of something that was never before. The creation which becomes expressed here is the very reason this is created, and that expression is something that continues to evolve.

So now the stage is done, and there are 2-3 acts.
More acts could be created from here. And more could be added to the stage itself.
Yes, it s a stage where there is excitement.

And from here on,
The other many sketches will come into shape.
It all starts here.